Video Editor NEEDED! Part Time (experience required!)

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25.06.2020, 07:49
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We're looking for an experienced video editor who can do DAILY videos with entertaining and clean edits to our ongoing videos. Must be FAST, effective, and have previous experience EDITING! You must be able to add music, text, storytelling, and make my videos look professional. Oh and you have to love Kittens. If this sounds like you, reply to this job post with:

1. Your Skype ID or Whatsapp

2. The name of the video editing software you use, and type of computer you use to edit.

3. What is your expected hourly rate?

4. Links to 3 of your previous projects you are MOST proud of.

5. A link to a video from your FAVOURITE YouTube creator that showcases the style of videos you enjoy watching most! 

6. Visit the website “" and perform an internet speed test. Post your results for both upload speed and download speed. 

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